Bestloan: Get an instant loan of Gh¢ 1,000 to Gh¢50,000

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What is Bestloan?

BestLoan is a convenient and professional financial platform for mobile users.

With intelligent and 100% online loan process, customers can get access to a qualified loan anytime anywhere.
The process of applying for a loan is safe and secure. BestLoan wants to help you get through the difficult time.

Why Bestloan is better than others ?

1. One mobile device is all users need to apply for loans anywhere at any time. This process is 100% online.

2. Computer code automatically reviewed: Users receive the review results quickly, and once the loan is approved, the funds are transferred right away to the user’s bank account.

3. Large initial loan amount and easy loan application process.

Bestloan Borrower requirements

1. 18 years or above
2. Citizens of Ghana
3. With regular source of income

Bestloan Amount, Repayment Terms and Interest rates 

Loan Amount: GHS1,000 ~ GHS50,000
Loan Term: from 100 days to 360 days
Loan interest: from 10% to 25% per annum.
Maximum Annual interest Rate(APR): 25%
Service charge: 0%.

For example:
If you apply for a loan of GHS10,000, the term is 120 days and the annual interest rate is 25%.
So the daily interest rate = 25%/365=0.068%,
the interest for 120 days = GHS10,000×25%/365×120 = GHS820,
the totally repayment = GHS10,000 + GHS820 = GHS10,820


How to apply for BestLoan using the mobile app ?


1.Download from Google Play Store

2.Fill your details

3.Know your loan eligibility in seconds

4.Apply for Loan

5.Receive Funds in your wallet

How to contact Bestloan?

Customer Service Email: [email protected]
Address: P o Box 349, Winneba, Central Region, Ghana

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